Embroidered Silk – Relic Fossil


Brand: Cross Stitch
Collection: Wedding Festive
Fabric: Silk

Deilvery Time: 4-8 Working Days

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  • Organza digital printed and embroidered shirt front, back and sleeves
  • 1 embroidered neckline
  • 50″ embroidered patti for front hem
  • 50″ embroidered patti for back hem
  • 40″ embroidered patti for sleeves
  • 60″ embroidered patti for trouser
  • SLIP
  • Dyed silk slip
  • Silk dyed trouser
  • Organza embroidered dupatta

    The RELIC FOSSIL-4PC is an exquisite set featuring an organza digitally printed and embroidered shirt, 1 embroidered neckline, 50 embroidered patti for the front hem, 50 embroidered patti for the back hem, 40 embroidered patti for the sleeves, 60 embroidered patti for the trousers, and a dyed silk slip. The set also includes a silk dyed trouser and an organza embroidered dupatta. Expertly crafted and sophisticated, the RELIC FOSSIL-4PC is the ideal addition to any wardrobe.