Brodé à la main / Embelli – BRLook37


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    Note: design, color and fabric can be customized

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See BRLook37 Hand Embroidered/Embellished Wedding Dress Description below:

BRLook37 is a stunning royal wedding dress that will make any bride stand out. The unique design features intricate gold and silver work, beading and crystal designs that blend together to create an ultra-defined look. Whether you’re looking for something timelessly elegant or modern stylish, BRLook37 is the perfect choice for your special day. The threqad work adds texture and dimension to the dress while the crystals reflect light in all directions creating an eye-catching effect. The elegant pearl gives the dress an extra sparkle that will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day. With its beautiful details and flattering silhouette, BRLook37 will make you feel like royalty.